Our campaigns

Our members campaign for issues that matter to them. We can help put our members in contact with other people who are politically active and offer advice. We stand by our principles, and we don’t gag our members. Our members have been active in many campaigns both local and national, standing up for what they think is right.

we stand for what we think is right



2011 Alternative Vote Referendum

Our members have long campaigned for electoral reform. We pushed for this referendum so that more voices in parliament can be heard. We may not agree with other parties, but we support them standing up for their voters.


Questioning Hampshire Recycling

Our members worked to shed light on how recycling was processed in Hampshire. They helped uncover that our recycling was sent abroad for processing causing extra pollution and seeing some rubbish fall into the sea.

Recycling is processed here in Hampshire now saving on transportation emissions.


2016 EU Referendum

Leave or remain our members campaigned for a say. We believe the electorate should be allowed a voice. As a country we should be encouraged to debate the relevant issues of the day. Major issues of the day deserve a once in a generation say.


Car park charges in Basingstoke

We have been fighting back against the increases to the car parking charges in Basingstoke. Complete lack of consultation with groups over the changes. Parking is now more expensive in the areas of town with the smallest footfall.

Following the Coronavirus we need to help the town recover, not price the customers away.