Hampshire Party Leaders

Be Independent, Think Independent, Vote Independent

Alan Stone

Founder | Party Leader

Alan is a father of four and a Grandfather of four. He has lived and worked in Basingstoke for 50 years. He runs his own business and is an employer who understands that tax from business profits funds the support and care for the needy, local amenities, Policing and other key services. He believes nothing in this life should be taken for granted; rights are earned and come with a price tag of commitment. Our politicians have let us down. Their promises come without the commitment to follow through, empty words designed to fill election leaflets. Things need to change. Councillors work for us, the residents and tax payers of our towns. Not the other way round. Government and Council money does not belong to politicians. It is our money and must be spent wisely.

Scott Neville

Founder | Nominating Officer

Scott has followed politics since a young age. He is a lifelong believer in localism and people being empowered to take control of their own lives. Since 2015 he has been disappointed in major national parties using national issues in local politics. Scott thinks that where possible problems should always be solved as close to the affected people as possible. Scott has campaigned for both the alternative vote referendum in 2011 and the EU referendum in 2016 believing that it’s never wrong to ask the electorate. Scott is very keen to promote a low tax environment which makes it easy to do business while supporting and encouraging business to do social good. Scott’s key values are: individual liberty, equality under the law and localism.

Scott was born in Basingstoke and has lived and worked in Hampshire all his life. He has worked in software development roles supporting UK policing since completing a BSc in Computer Science at the University of Portsmouth. Scott is a keen runner having completed the Basingstoke Half Marathon numerous times as well as the Fleet Half Marathon and the New Forest Marathon.

Stan Tennison

Founder | Chairman

Stan has lived in Basingstoke for over fifty years. He was apprenticed in the town then worked in the Public Sector and then for two major blue chip companies, gaining a MSc with Distinction at Portsmouth University. He now runs his own business, a successful consultancy supporting major telcos. He understands that tax from business profits fund the support and care for the needy, local amenities, policing and other key services. He believes that Council money does not belong to the politicians, it is our money and must be spent wisely – and transparently.

Stan will be available for you and will strongly support and promote the community in the Basingstoke council. As your local councillor, Stan will fight for issues that concern you and not a party whip. Stan opposes over-development, especially any development on our green belt. The people should decide if they need more housing – not a council that just panders to government-set targets.

Spencer Cleary

Founder | Treasurer

Spencer was originally born in London and moved to Hampshire over 20 years ago for a better life for his children. He is a father of 4 and recently became a Grandad in February 2020. He is an investigator for a Global IT company where he has been employed for the last 23 years. He is very interested in Politics and was involved in the Vote Leave campaign as he believes the UK has a much better future under its own rule without the interference of Brussels. From a local perspective, he feels that the Basingstoke Councillors that represent the main Political Parties are not at all independent and just tow the line in relation to what they say and what they do. He feels these Councillors are not working in the best interests of the people they are there to represent. Basingstoke is a growing town and without the right representation at a local level, there are likely to be decisions made that are not favourable to the residents of this great town. Being an Independent Councillor means there is no higher power to obey and the words and actions that he takes will be for the people and not for the Political Party.

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