How our story began…

Our story began in 2018 with 4 friends meeting in a Basingstoke pub. We had all been involved in politics for years standing for election, campaigning for change and making our voices heard. Each one of us was a member of a national party but we were no longer proud of them, how they acted or how the behaved. We broadly agreed on a number of principles, but we had our differences, we could discuss them in a civilised way. We decided we would stand as independent candidates in 2018.

we stand by our principles

Standing as an independent candidate is challenging, the passes over you and you have to complete all the same tasks that major parties do with none of the support. In 2019 we decided to form a party, we all love our local area and proud to be from the county of Hampshire. We wanted to make it easier for us to share resources, push our message out and combine our skills. We wanted to retain our independence, to campaign on issues that were important to us and to stand for what we think is right.

In December 2019 we formally started the process of registering our party. Our party would have no top down manifesto, we would have a number of principles and we would expect out members to do what they believe is right for their area. We would campaign together for our shared principles and help each other with our unique skills. We can disagree, but we are committed to resolving our differences through debate and a free exchange of ideas.

A group of independents like this may not work, but does the current red or blue party politics work? We think not!