I Joined Hampshire constabulary in 1989 specialising in several areas. I spent a significant amount of time as a community beat officer dealing with all aspects of the community, including close liaison with councils, adult/children’s social services, domestic violence units and victims of crime. Local policing issues is something I am deeply passionate about. On leaving the Police force, I have become involved in local politics, especially where policing issues REALLY are a priority.

John Edwards has been a community campaigner throughout his life.
He runs his own gardening business and is no stranger to hard work.

Originally from London, John has lived in Hampshire for over forty five years and is disgusted at the way the same, tired old parties take no notice of local taxpayers while continuing to recycle the same old policies that contribute to our green spaces disappearing.

The whole county is in need of an integrated transport system to relieve the congestion of many roads. A unified approach to attracting business and employment would boost prosperity for everyone. Elected authorities are just not answerable to electorate, particularly when it comes to contentious issues.

Through the use of local referendums, power would be firmly placed in the hands of the people if politicians refused to take notice of the people.

We can change the way things are done if we reject the Westminster parties.

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