Steve James-Bailey

Police & Crime Commissioner candidate | Hampshire & Isle of Wight

Having lived in Hampshire for more than 40 years, I have dedicated myself to public service.

After spending 12 years in the Royal Air Force, I Joined Hampshire constabulary in 1989 specialising in several areas. I spent a significant amount of time as a community beat officer dealing with all aspects of the community, including close liaison with councils, adult/children’s social services, domestic violence units and victims of crime. Local policing issues are something I am deeply passionate about.

Following promotion, I specialised as a custody sergeant and headed up the prosecution support team in Basingstoke. I then became a gatekeeping officer dealing with investigations prior to the Crown Prosecution Service.

On leaving the Police force, I have become involved in local politics, especially where policing issues REALLY are a priority.

On Thursday 6th May I hope you will back my 5 Point Plan for Policing and Crime in Hampshire.

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My 5 Point Plan for policing in Hampshire

I spent over 20 years working for Hampshire Constabulary; I care about protecting the public. I know that policing is not just about catching criminals but protecting victims, and being engaged and in touch with the community.