On The Brain Dump of Dominic Cummings

Dominic Cummings – one-time evil guru of Downing Street, or saviour of the Tory government – take your pick – has treated us to what I can only describe as a brain-dump on his substack. And a good read it is too – I can wholeheartedly recommend it. https://dominiccummings.substack.com/

Fake news, fake politics, fake posturing – it’s all there.

Now, I’m no particular fan of Dominic, but he was at the centre of Downing Street during the Covid event, and his opinions on the manner in which we are governed surely carry weight.

Of course, Brexit gets a mention – how could it not, being the most contentious issue to set Parliament against the People for many years? Even now we might be forgiven for thinking that we have left the EU in name only.

We might be tempted to dismiss his rantings as a dumping of years of pent-up frustration, but even so – is this really how we wish to be governed?

His conclusion? The system is broken. How could it not be, when truth takes last place behind the political neuroses of the age?

He rightly lays the blame squarely at the doors of the political parties. The political parties who act as the gatekeepers to parliament, whose MPs are whipped to pass the Bills that the Party wants rather than the Bills that their constituents would prefer. This is rule by Political Party, subject to all the whims and fancies of the party donors.

Dominic’s solution? We need another one! This new Party will be wonderful, and will govern in wisdom and mercy. With a bit of luck it will replace the Tory party.

Call me old-fashioned, but haven’t we had enough of this failed system? Would it be too much to suggest that actually, we would prefer our MPs to work for us? For that to happen, the constituency needs to pay them directly and must be able to hire them and fire them. Sadly, that isn’t going to happen any time soon. Even our current Monarch is openly working for the oligarchs of the WEF, for the New World Order. If we accept that, then democracy is well and truly ended in this land.

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