Conservatives are on the wrong track. Rail fare hike increase travel costs for key workers

Despite the current crisis, looming recession and lowest passenger figures for decades, rail companies, under government control, have increased prices on rail transport. Fare rises came into effect today. This is an unnecessary burden on those who have to use public transport. Key workers and low paid most affected.

South West Trains continue to increase costs for travelling whilst wages are frozen. Speaking to a guard on south west trains this morning, Alan Stone learned that south west train staff wages have been frozen for the next few years.

“The Conservatives at all levels are out of touch with real life” Alan (party leader) says. “It is the wrong time to increase costs, these increases are going to affect key workers and the low paid paid disproportionally. Public transport should cheap and readily available. We will need a cheap and reliable public transport system to get our country back on its feet after the Covid crisis. This and increases to car parking charges are hitting commuters hard”.

The headline picture is a photograph taken today at Winchester Station.

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