Jim Reviews the Covid Years

Last time, I summarised UK Politics over the last 50 years.

This week I review the Covid years.

The last real pandemic (bar a few minor scares) was the “Spanish Flu” of 1918.

Suddenly we had scary news from China of a deadly new coronavirus. The deadly new Common Cold? Hmmmm.

In Italy, “Covid” patients were dying. And in New York, patients were being intubated (and dying) because there was “no cure”.

Except – France’s Professor Didier Raoult had stated (March 2020) that hydroxychloroquine was effective and this infection was readily treatable with existing cheap simple safe and effective options. Some suggested Ivermectin. Others noted that the age of the dying clustered around normal life expectancy – this was evidently a survivable infection for most.

So just a seasonal virus, take the cure, a couple of days off, and back to work?

No so fast! The full weight of government, medical authorities, and global media deployed to insist that such “cures” were untried and dangerous – “Horse dewormers” etc – especially when Mr Trump expressed support. So the intubations and deaths continued.

But hey, Big Pharma were working “at warp speed” on vaccines which would soon be available (at massive public expense).

Meanwhile lockdowns ‘social distancing’ and ‘test and trace’ appeared (also at massive public expense). And in July 2020 when UK Covid deaths had evaporated (yup, it’s a seasonal infection), the media segued breathlessly into reporting “cases” (positive PCR tests).

And Boris imposed a mask mandate! In mid-summer?

It also became clear that Covid deaths had been seriously inflated by including anyone who died with a positive test. Even if they had fallen under the proverbial bus.

Now, I’m not medically qualified, but three things I remembered from my formative years:

  1. Using masks against a virus is like stopping a swarm of Scots midges with a chain-link fence
  2. Lockdowns are ineffective
  3. Tests alone do not define infection – they are fallible

In a low-incidence population, extremely fallible. Even the WHO says so. Reputable scientists considered the PCR test unsound, but no media would report this – were we living under censorship?

Moreover, deaths from all causes remained close to normal bounds (although flu deaths all but vanished?!).

So where was the ”pandemic”?

In 2021, mass vaccinations under emergency use authorisation (and minimal safety data) began, alongside probably the biggest fear campaign ever mounted against we the people, pushing the totally unproven assertion that the asymptomatic were spreading the virus unawares. Yet with serious excess deaths elusive, where was the emergency?

Well, excess deaths subsequently became apparent over the time-frame that the vaccines should have kicked in to “save lives”, and they continue unabated today; yet weirdly this is a baffling mystery to everybody?

Why do I remember Thalidomide?

And what was HM “Loyal Opposition” doing throughout?

Until next time …

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