Re: The Proposed Amazon Development

In response to the article reported by Ryan Evans and the proposed Amazon development at the M3/Jct 7, if have the following comments.[1]

Whilst not a fan of Amazon for many reasons, two of which are the impact Amazon has to the high street and the fact that they pay minimal tax to the exchequer, I am not overly averse to the proposed development.  However, I would demand undertakings from Amazon along the lines of the following.  Amazon should be made to ensure that the entry on and off of Jct7 is improved and able to handle the increased traffic load of all the lorries that will be using it. Also, Amazon must ensure that any lorries using the site must only use Junction 7 and not cut through on the A303 past the crematorium or go through the middle of town if coming via the A339 or A33.  It must be mandated that all lorries using this route use the motorway from Jct6 to Jct7.  Also, whilst I also realise that the majority of the jobs at the warehouse are likely to be zero hour contracts, it is worth remembering that some people actually like the flexibility of this model.  There are always going to be pro’s and con’s with any new development, but we need to look at the Amazon warehouse with a realistic view. If the site does not get approved, it does not mean Amazon will scrap the plans to build a Warehouse. It just means they would build it somewhere else. That means another town will get the benefit of those jobs and Basingstoke town will lose the revenue from the workers that could have been earning their money here and spending it here. We need to accept the Amazon warehouse, but put conditions on Amazon that aren’t too punitive that they change their mind, but are realistic and show them that we will work with them to bring that business, which is much needed, to our town.  Every new development brings objections, we just need to weigh up the positives against the negatives.


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