Sarah Everard vigil: Police Watchdog Report Reaction

I welcome the report that confirms the police acted appropriately at the Sarah Everard vigil. Most protesters behaved in a ‘dignified and respectful’ manner. It usually is the case that it’s the minority few that spoil it for all, as it is clear in the findings.

The media without a doubt showed the police in a terrible light, and it was concerning. However, the report commissioned has shown that the police acted appropriately.

Without confusion in the law, a Peaceful protest could have gone ahead.  I still question the leadership shown over protests in the last few years, but as I hoped the rank-and-file bobby did not disgrace themselves. 

Again I say, ‘is it that the police always appear to be working between the Rock and a hard place throughout this pandemic?’ I believe blame should be levelled at politicians that made a law which the police are expected to enforce yet criticize them as soon as they enforce those laws at a politically sensitive protest.

Is Government to blame? Should a report be commissioned with why there was such a confusion in the law? That will never happen for sure.

Anyway, one thing is very clear from the report, let’s not judge until all the evidence is before us.

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