Bringing true localism to Basingstoke council

We pledge that if elected

Expressional Art or

Is it legal or is it not?

Pot holes & shoddy road repairs

Despite more and more digital surveillance, no one captured the expressional artist who graffitied the town. This is happening all over Basingstoke. Neither the Police nor the council consider it a crime

Basingstoke deserves better!

Without visual deterrence, such as regular police patrols, drug-related crimes are on the increase. This is causing large-scale anti-social behaviour, burglaries and associated societal problems. Your current councillors are fully aware of the issues, but are not doing anything to address them.

Basingstoke deserves better!

As local councillors, repairs to roads and pavements comes under Conservative led Hampshire county councils remit. We will report issues but cannot do any more than you can do yourselves. HCC’s pothole number is:

0300 555 1388

Dump charges, increase fly tipping

Is it legal or is it not?

Funding for community nurses and child care

Hampshire Independents have been leading advocates of sensible recycling programs. Alan Stone highlighted the ludicrous process of sending recycling to China and Spencer Cleary wrote a wonderful article on fly tipping.

Both can be seen here and here.

10 years after Alan Stone was first asked to help the council improve the Top of Town, His ideas on free short term parking to encourage visitors, were dismissed in favour of high charges and aggressive policing. Result, empty shops.

Basingstoke deserves better!

Hampshire Independent councillor candidates have all agreed to return their allowances to the community. We will fund projects like community nurses and childcare facilities at your community centre.

Basingstoke deserves better!

New parking permits mayhem

New digital residential parking permits costing £50 also mean visitors have to register in advance. No surprise visits for granny! It also means carers, tradesmen and delivery drivers run the risk of fines. By all means control parking but not peoples lives. We need to increase parking space numbers across the town.

Basingstoke deserves better!

Building without infrastructure

Conservative councillors blame the Conservative county councillors who blame the Conservative MP, who in turn blames Basingstoke previous Conservative administration. Plenty of blame but still not enough Doctors, Dentists, jobs, sewage pipes, Hospital or school places. This has to stop.

Basingstoke deserves better!

The Conservatives vote to allow sewage dumping in the rivers