Stop Vaccine Passports

I am opposed to the introduction of vaccine passports, I want you to help me.  I have put together this utility which sends a pre-generated letter to your MP asking them to oppose vaccine passports.  Personally, I do not enjoy nightclubs, if I never go to one again I will be happy, but using them as a scapegoat to introduce a segregated society is wrong. It will always be wrong! 

Vaccine passports will:

  • Create a segregated society
  • Have no medical benefit as recipients of placebo vaccines will get them
  • Be extended to far more venues (why else has the government been vague on “where large crowds gather”)?
  • Not end the pandemic, we have seen case numbers drop significantly with nightclubs open
  • Not restore your freedoms, at no point in history has increased government control over its citizens increased personal freedoms
  • Push the UK onto the path taken by totalitarian regimes such as China, East Germany and Saudi Aribia.

We should be focusing on what unites us as people of the United Kingdom, not what divides us. 

Complete the form below and tell your Hampshire MP to oppose vaccine passports!

Dear MP,

I am writing as one of your constituents. I wish to bring up the issue of domestic vaccine passports which the government is proposing to introduce for access to nightclubs and other venues “where large crowds gather”. This is an issue I feel particularly strongly about, and I would ask you regardless of any party affiliation to vote against these discriminatory and totalitarian measures.

Firstly, vaccine passports are inequitable and will create a segregated society; a shameful situation for the country that funded the end of the transatlantic slave trade, and which has worked hard to end segregation on racial grounds. It has been observed that the take up of the vaccine is related to ethnicity, with Polish nationals having one of the lowest rates of vaccination in the UK. On closer inspection this makes complete sense, as most Polish nationals will remember the years of oppression they endured at the hands of the Nazis and the Soviets. Also, take up amongst the BAME community has also been lower than the remainder of the population. However you may wish to justify the introduction of said passports, there can be no denying they will recreate some degree of racial division and tension. An utterly appalling situation.

Secondly, can we get a clear confirmation of what the vaccine passports are intended to achieve? If the government is to be believed, the coronavirus vaccine does not stop transmission of the virus, but in fact lessens the effects on the recipient (to avoid serious complications). It seems to me that the unvaccinated are in fact more at risk from the vaccinated and are therefore much more likely to be denigrated. Have I misunderstood the purpose of the passports and the intention is to keep the vaccinated people out of nightclubs and other venues?

Further to this, the vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi has confirmed that even those who were given a placebo vaccine will still get a vaccine passport, regardless of the fact they may not have been immunised against the virus. Clearly the purpose of the vaccine is not a question of health, but a question of compliance.

The proposals of the vaccine passports are very similar to the proposed ID card schemes of Tony Blair’s government. I find it interesting to note that previously our prime minister said he would tear up and eat such a card should it ever be introduced. This is in complete contrast to the position he now adopts, since he is being vocal in his support of such ID cards. How can the prime minister be trusted when he is so inconsistent?

Under current human rights legislation religion or belief are protected characteristics. Therefore, the introduction of vaccine passports will clearly override these human rights. As you know, the law works on precedence; once vaccine passports have paved the way for trashing human rights legislation, this, or future governments (which you may or may not be a part of) will find it much easier to violate our other human rights.

On one final note, if you are adamant you wish to ignore my wishes and vote in favour of a segregated society, can you answer me this one question: at any time in history, can you name me one instance where increased government surveillance, and a divided society have allowed freedoms to be restored?

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

NOTE: Dr Julian Lewis MP for New Forest East does not accept emails from his constituents. You need to phone him on: 020 7219 4179

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2 years ago

REPLY FROM STEVE BRINE MP As you can appreciate, I am getting a fair few on this subject and (like many members) was surprised when the Minister said in the House last week: “at the end of September we plan to make full vaccination a condition of entry to those high-risk settings where large crowds gather and interact.” A number of us pointed at that this will be a decision for the HOUSE OF COMMONS not the Executive so we will see. I am instinctively hostile to this idea (because we have long ago protected the vulnerable – groups 1-9… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by alan
Lorraine Agate
Lorraine Agate
2 years ago

Maria Millers reply is a boiler plate letter same as the one I got. She’s not in the slightest bit interested or bothered. Waste of time, been in place far too long.

Carole Golding
Carole Golding
2 years ago

I am against vaccine passports-please all.. email your MP/s before it is too late

Nigel Johnson
Nigel Johnson
2 years ago

It is an ABSOLUTE WASTE OF TIME writing to Maria Miller; she is irrelevant and is a puppet MP!! Frankly most of them are self-serving OXYGEN THIEVES!!

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