Global climate change is happening

Wind farm and solar electricity is much more efficient, but green energy is still only part of it. We need to develop an environmental attitude to where we buy our goods and services.

I am a scuba diver, as such I see the environmental damage that is happening across the planet’s oceans. It is disgusting the amount of pollutants and plastics that are pumped into our seas.

We, as a nation, must stop buying products from countries that cause the majority of this mess. One example is the Indian, Chinese and Asian clothing market. That business is the second largest polluters after the oil industry. Huge amounts of untreated contaminants are pumped into the environment unchecked. That industry will only clean itself up when consumers force it to. The only way business listens is when it affects their bottom line. We, the consumer, have the power and responsibility to change things. We must look at where our purchases come from and how they are produced. Manufacturers in the UK are already using more and more biodegradable packaging and green production methods. The carbon footprint of transportation is the lowest it could possibly be. British products might be a little more expensive, but long term, it is worth it for a clean planet.

Hampshire Independent councillors will fight for locally produced products and services to be used by local councils. Where possible insisting on Hampshire made products and Hampshire based services. This is good for the local economy, good for the environment and good for local moral. 

We insist that the tax payer’s money, raised by councils, is used to support local industry, enriching local communities with safe and secure employment, producing a pride and community spirit – all but lost under the present bi-party political system.

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Steve Titcombe
Steve Titcombe
3 years ago

I agree with about 25% of what Alan says here, the country-side, atmosphere, waterways and seas must be protected from waste and chemical pollutants. Where I disagree is: Alan drops in the expression ‘climate change’, why? Is he inferring that this mess that he sees is mostly or even partly due to man-made Climate Change (anthropogenic global warming caused by infra-red active gasses) – that story is man-made fiction Solar panels and wind farms are not more efficient, if they were then they wouldn’t need subsidising with the Green levy in all business energy bills – ‘The Customer always pays’.… Read more »

3 years ago

‘Climate change’ and pollution are two different things. This article is mostly about pollution. There clearly is a problem with that which needs resolving. Whether there is a real problem with global weather changes is not so black and white. Like some of the aspects of COVID policy politicians like to present ‘Climate change’ as settled science. It certainly isn’t. Let’s not be fooled on this issue, by forces who have other agendas, in the way we have been with COVID.

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