Looking for something different to vote for?

For many years, Hampshire has watched developers change the faces of our cities, towns and countryside. A growing population demands that we change with the times. But change for the worst, is what many fear is happening now.

Mass housing developments across the county are failing to meet the needs of the people, particularly if support systems such as infrastructure and employment are not upgraded and improved. Consequently, our environment suffers which in turn impacts upon people’s lives and health. Indeed, many new developments are not served by public transport, so residents rely upon their cars to go out to shops, schools, doctors and to socialise.

The Westminster based parties who call upon you and demand that you vote for them, are taking your support for granted at each election where they promise you what you want to hear and subsequently fail to deliver and represent your views. Never so more when it comes to planning the future of our county, do you, the people of Hampshire deserve to be represented by politicians, free of the old political allegiances and tired dogma.

Hampshire Independents are made up from local taxpayers from across the political spectrum, who just like you, live in the real world with all of the highs and lows of the world of family, work and unfortunately for increasing numbers, unemployment due to covid.

If you are one of those people who are fed up with the same old party politics and tricks that bring development and the unwanted chaos of poor planning, there is now a credible alternative. You can vote for an independent candidate who has the support and backing of independently minded people.

Now that’s different.

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