My role as an Independent Councillor

My role as an independent councillor is to keep my eyes open for mass building projects, and do all I can to prevent them. The biggest problems we have at present is a sewage treatment works that is over capacitated, and often spills into our rivers. Ok, the water board gets fined on most occasions but with the amount of sewage flowing into rivers over short periods of time allows build ups of long-time pollution causing untold damage to our salmon stock and spawning also effects the rest of the wildlife.  In our rivers we have water Cress beds this is often picked and eaten, by people not knowing it’s been in contact with sewage thus sewage entering the human food chain it does not bare thinking about the danger to health. Swimming also goes on and swimmers can inadvertently ingest sewage and everything it contains.

I would like to see weekly water test’s done on river water.

I am a firm believer that sewage is a danger to humans as well, and all building programs should be suspended until adequate sewage treatment works are up graded as a matter of urgency. I often bring this up at meetings.
Cycling and cyclist the county council are pressing ahead with new cycle ways routes, did you know in Bishopstoke and Eastleigh the cycle route runs straight through one of the most polluted roads in the area. The cyclist’s breath in car exhaust fumes as do the people that walk the route! Answer more roads required asap.

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